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Over fifty years ago Shirley Hojnacki Galanty was given the opportunity to realize her dream of becoming the first P.R.C.U.A. dance teacher in Michigan. Mrs. Galanty learned the Polish customs and traditions by traveling to Poland on several occasions and by sponsoring a choreographer from Poland to teach her and other local choreographers the authentic dances. While raising her family Mrs. Galanty also become a certified choreographer thought the Dance Masters of America. She is currently certified through the Michigan chapter of the Dance masters of America. Shirley Galanty wanted the Polish American Youth to know their heritage, culture customs and traditions, as she was instrumental in the formation of several dance schools in Michigan. Her knowledge in Polish and American Dance has taught numerous students throughout the years, now those same students are bringing their children to learn from her.

 Mrs. G's "Polish" career was not just limited to dance she also held the following positions:

  • President of the P.R.C.U.A. Michigan Woman's Division

  • National President of the Ladies Auxiliary Chapters of Orchard Lake

  • President of the chapter 15 Ladies Auxiliary of Orchard Lake

  • P.R.C.U.A. Insurance Deputy

  • P.R.C.U.A. Financial Secretary for Society's 1585 & 1614

  • Founder and Chairperson of the P.R.C.U.A. Michigan State Ball

  • National State Director and past Director of the Polish American Congress.

Today she is fondly known as "Mrs. G" and continues to teach at the school that she started fifty years ago. She is the wife of the late Joseph, proud mother of seven children and Busia to seventeen grandchildren.

Mrs. G was far more than just a dance instructor to her students, she was also their friend and a role model.

"I treat every dancer as if they where my own. Practices should be fun not a boot camp"

-Mrs. G