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               Our Choreographer

Miss. Michelle Boudreau

Michelle Boureau is a 2006 graduate of the Wieliczka Dance Ensemble. She has danced with Mrs. G for 13 years and spent the last two years as her assistant. Dance has always been a passion for Michelle is she is delighted to pass that passion along. Her brother and two sisters have all danced with Wielicka under the teachings of our founder Mrs. G. Not to mention she has had countless first cousins who have graduated when Wielicka was still new. Michelle is currently attending Detroit Mercy in hopes of getting a degree in Computer Science.

Have questions for Michelle?
Email her.

                                          Our Director
Mrs. Kristi Mihalic

KKristi has been the director for the past six years. She is the proud mother of three wonderful children. All three of which are dancing and continuing to learn more about their polish heritage. She also has a Uncle that work for the P.R.C.U.A. office in Chicago.  Kristi is currently working at Ford Motor Company with the job title Ford Design Quality.

We are very please to have Kristi as our director, I'm not sure were we would be with out her!br />

Of course Michelle and Kristi could not do it with out the help of their other officers:

President........Kim Stencil
Treasurer.........Joe Mihalic